What To Expect at Our Services:


As we meet together in our worship service, the safety and health of those attending are in our utmost concern.  We have taken careful precautions to ensure that those who come to our services are protected.  When you attend our service, we ask that you please follow the following guidelines:

1.  Please practice social distancing.  We have marked our pews to assist in this.  Only sit in the allowed spaces.  While individual families do not need to social distance, we ask that you stay at least six feet away from other individuals and families.

2.  Hand sanitizing stations have been added in the main entrance.  Please use before you enter the sanctuary.

3.  Masks will be provided in the main entrance.  Although masks are not required to be worn in the church service, they will be available to those who wish to use them.

4.  Please refrain from shaking hands and giving hugs.  When the service is over, do not linger in the lobby or any part of the church.  Socializing outside in the parking lot is perfectly fine, but do it at your own risk.

5.  If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath), please do not come to the service until you are tested and cleared by your physician to do so.

6.  If your immune system is compromised, we encourage you to stay home.  Viewing the services will be available through Facebook Live and emailed recordings.