Our Leaders


Doug Heuzey


Doug and Bonnie Heuzey have been attending WRBC since 2001.  Doug currently serves as an Elder and the Financial Secretary.  Over the years at WRBC and other churches, Doug has taught youth and adult Sunday School, dealing with both Bible exposition and topical themes.  He has also served on various committees such as missionary, fellowship, and pastoral search. 

Doug has a financial background, being a CPA and holding corporate controller positions at publicly and privately held corporations.  He is currently semi-retired and spends a good deal of his free time with his and Bonnie's six children and nine grandchildren.

Doug and Bonnie enjoy traveling to upstate NY at Lake Placid, where they host gatherings of their dispersed children and their families, as well as spending time with other close relatives and friends.

There have been significant and tragic events in each of Doug and Bonnie's lives, but throughout, they have seen the goodness and mercy of our Lord, and no matter what the circumstances they find themselves currently in, they look to the Lord for guidance, protection, and security in the realization that they are deserving of none, but assured of all.

Their hope and desire is to continue serving the Lord at WRBC or wherever they are led, in whatever capacity He leads them, for as long as He gives strength to carry on.

Chris Hallstrom

We are currently seeking a pastor to lead our church.  All resumes can be sent to