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What to Expect at Our Services

Visiting a new church can be daunting. We want to put you at ease and hope that your first visit to WRBC will be enriching and enjoyable for your entire family.

Dress Code

At WRBC, we do not have a dress code for our visitors or members. Our ministry leaders often dress more formally and our members wear suits, shirts and dress pants, jeans and T-shirts, and everything in between. So anything appropriate from casual to formal is fine. We hope you feel comfortable and welcome when you come to our church.

Congregational Worship

We are a church that loves to worship God through music. In our services we prioritize congregational worship (the whole church singing together) and our repertory ranges from traditional hymns to more recently written hymns, always taking care that we are singing lyrics that glorify God and are founded on His Word. Eventually, we also have in our services a variety of styles in various vocal and instrumental presentations. You will appreciate the excellent team of God-gifted musicians who lead us in praising the Lord.

Music Ministy

Kids Are Welcome

At WRBC, we love having children among us. We believe it is vital for families to worship together. Therefore, school-aged children are encouraged to stay with their parents during the Worship Service. During sermon time, a nursery is provided for children up to kindergarten age, and a sermon-based Bible lesson is provided for children in grades 1st to 3rd.

People In Church
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